Friday, January 22, 2010

Return Of The Super Seniors

Anyonghaeseyo!Its been too long since i've wrote my last post.Lately there were so much going on in my life..whether it involves myself or the people around.No worries,i do miss this blog where i mostly shared everything and tonight i decided to post something new.

Event:going back to Le'Best
Partner in crime:Wa Malina

                            Right.I've known my school is going to held its annual Rally Desa weeks ago.At first,i really wanted to go.On Sunday,suddenly something came up which had turned my mood around for quiet some time and i decided its a NO! for this Thursday (21st Jan).After a few days of full recovery (its a Boys Over Flowers marathon on my computer and tv 24 hours/support from my girlfriends) i suddenly hesitated to go to school that very night.Thank goodness my mom agreed to take me and Wa (Dina couldn't go) to school.After arriving at aspuri,we were mobbed by Mirah,Bella,Tqah,Eja and many more.Boy!It really feels like i'm actually a student again there.We settled in an empty dorm which was fully packed with us,The Super Seniors (HAHA).Then i make a visit to my old dorm which i've had stayed there for 5 consecutive years,gossiping with my juniors and attend the Alpha meeting to boost their spirits up.After that,its time to catch up with The Super Seniors.We talked so much until 2.30 a.m!Haha,Nina brought her laptop and we watched Over Her Dead Body,Saw (didn't know which one) and 2012.There were 20 girls squezzing eachother wheter to watch the movie or sleep!Wa on the other hand,didn't sleep at all,busy accompany Has watching Boys Over Flowers.No suprise!

                            In the morning,get dressed and head to work.Not actually,haha..more like helping the teachers la..Me,Wa,Perry and Mira helped Cg Dell at the last check point.Beta won this year,Alpha second,Lambda third and Sigma last.Here are some photos that i think,well..could put them here....

                Korean pop sensation Super Junior is coming to Malaysia this March for their Super   Show 2 concert..Huhu,nok gi..want to see Han Kyung and Sungmin live!

                   My dad actually bought this dvd without telling me.Why??Simple!So that i won't interrupt his news time (BOF is aired Mon-Fri 8.30 p.m.)Haha..

Me and Wa (bored!)

Bella and me (also bored!)


kuniy said...

why do e'one luv SUPer JUnior??heee~

Meet The Lynn said...

bucz lgu2 ye bes n sek2 ye encem!!

kuniy said...

heh?uniy patot survey ney..huk3

dynn... said...

wes..ble nok wi aq tgk plop nye...kte nok wi ari tuuu....

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