Monday, February 8, 2010

Bingeul Bingeul

              Anyonghaeseyo everyone!Fuhh..ntah psal ape la sjak due mnjak ni aku smakin kekurangan idea untk mengupdate blog ni..nak kate busy tak plak,aku hanye mengikat kontrak utk menjadi maid dengan mak aku je..emm,lately there's nothing or someone inspires me,that's worries,aku rse maybe kurang bersemangat nk tulis post sbb template aku yg agk uduss dlu tu..wakaka..mjur terjumpe template ni yg aku rse mmg jiwe ak..n then i added some finishing touches to make it more dazzling..wah3!!hasilnye..terconggok la video terbaru U KISS iaitu Bingeul Bingeul tu..wakaka..

Let's learn Korean!
                 1.I love you-Saranghaeyo
                 3.Yes! (when answering something)-Dehh
                 4.Brother (older)-Oppa
                 5.Sister (older)-Noona

             Yesterday,i went to Le'Best cuz all of the ex-Lebestians had to attend a talk on MGI which meant Malaysian German Institute.Basically,they want to share the benefits when studying there.Mcm2 la penceramah tu ckp..starting from what is MGI to the we all know,Germany is best known for a good place to pursue your engineering dreams cuz they have splendid universities n exciting courses as well as a whole new techniques to study..very2 different on how we study here..normally,we have to study at MGI for 20 months,n then go to Germany to learn their language for 6 months n after that we get to continue our studies in any of the universities there..the lecturers use 100% German language so don't expect u'll understand if u didn't learn how to speak like a true German!tpi aku dengar skit2 je la sbb xberape nk la,syok jumpe kwn2 lame la ktekn..mcm2 nk crite..dlm kte lain,kteorg buat cramah sndri kt blakang tu..wakaka..

Emm..talking about future plans,here are some of my interests in pursuing my studies:
                 1.Taking up Law cuz i want to be just like my father..
                      having a dad who's practically been in the judge field for his entire life,maybe its
                      a bit easy for me to get a work rite after i graduated..emm,who knows

                 2.Taking up TESL..
                      i love English language so started off when i was 7,my mom sent me to
                      Smart Reader to learn this language until i finished all of the levels..the benefit,
                      i can connect easily with foreign people for help

                 3.Taking up Interior Design
                      i started liking this passion when i was a teen,more like when i was 14 i think..
                      i love watching Deko Bersama Eric n soon after that,i love going to furniture shops
                      n imagine where to put all of the furnitures..i'm more into Modern Contemporary

                 4.Lastly..i think i wanna be just like my mom..she's a former MAS ticketing officer..
                    she's been working there rite after her SPM results were out..what i like about this
                     job is that u get to wear the official MAS kebaya uniform n get some unbelievable
                     bonus!that's why i've been to many countries already when i was little..
                     from 2 years old until 18 now,i've been to 13 countries already n some of it i went
                     on a free ticket n get paid half of the tickets..;)

I'm having major crush on him ;)-Kim Bum of U KISS


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