Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sorry Sorry-Answer

                    ALHAMDULILLAH..the SPM result's were out on 11th March 2010..smue debaran terhenti tatkale menatap sekeping kertas sebaik shje cg kelas msing2 bagi2 that very same day!ade yg melompat,ade yg menangis krne kjayaan n xkurang juge yg meratap meraung krne xmncapai target..ehmm,as for me n wa,were quite relax at that time..why??haha..kteorg da tau result msing2 awl2 pgi da..ak sruh aunty wa yg kerje kt jpn cek..mule2 mmg sedih ah,ak trget dpt at least 6A's kn tpi nk wat cmne..ak terime ketentuan ilahi ni ngan sedaenya..sbb mlm sblom tu mse solat hajat ak da berdoa,jikalau ak menerime kegagalan,ak phon agr ak trime ngan redha..alhamdulillah,ALLAH makbulkan doa ak..

To all Le'Best's teachers whom had taught me from i'm in Form 1 until Form 5,i would like to thank you sooo10 much for all of your hardwork for teaching me no matter day or night..i really appreciate it..

                       Congratulations to those who got straight A's,you guys deserved it..after all the hardwork you put into making our very dearest school number 3 in Terengganu..

Now,lupekan semue ceritera air mate itu n start focusing on where/what courses gonna take??woot2..saye amik law first choice,second tesl..anda??


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